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Taiwanese specialty Bubble Tea, Toledo is finally his home, and readers of TCP could not be more excited. With the mantra "Whiskey for the people," the Bellwether Toledo Spirits Company is rapidly becoming Toledo's hottest tasting room and lounge.

It is an incredible place to see a drag show, eat a variety of delicious offerings and hang out on the terrace. They have everything from fried cucumbers to interesting things that many people have not tasted before.

Just 40 minutes from Toledo, you can do the trek for a price - an award-winning dinner in one of the best restaurants in town.

Keep it casual and enjoy the view while you soak up the delicious food, or if you have space, stroll through the halls and head to the café. Head to Rockwell's Steakhouse for lobster - a steak with garnish - and order the famous lobster, crab and oyster. If you're heading for the final cut with its thick steaks, head to St. John's Steakhouse, a popular destination in Toledo.

If you're looking for the final cut with its thick steaks, head to St. John's Steakhouse for lobster, crab, oysters and oyster rolls.

If your not-so-secret foodie favorites still feel hidden, visit this modest neighborhood eatery. Order steak and eggs from Aunt B's Favorite, or maybe go for something from her Healthy Starts menu to start over. Just try not to think about how disappointed your healthiest family would be in their current state. TV and move on so quickly, just don't think how disappointing they would be in the current state!

You can enjoy a drink at Luckie's Barn Grill and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with good home cooking. If you're in downtown Toledo in the early hours of the morning, Grumpy's can be a must - give it a go if your working day is really tough.

Jewellery's inviting, old-school interior is reassuring in itself, but the menu of traditional, homemade favourites seals the deal. There is also a well-rounded menu, and the place is characterized by its exquisite benchmark burgers that are not overlooked.

One of the best dishes on the menu is the pan - fried fish covered with a brown layer of nuts. There are thick slices of beef, sliced and grilled to perfection - house on sourdough, and the blt is perfection in itself.

There are places where you can find great, affordable tacos these days, like the San Marcos in Toledo, where traditional tacos can be had for as little as $1.50. It's no wonder some of my favourites topped the list, and I'll have no problem celebrating how they managed to be so inexpensive - with ingredients so freshly bought.

Although there are several Tony Packo restaurants in the area, the original is still found on Front Street in Toledo, making it a staple of the city. Although each city has options like Swisher's and Tony's PackO's, it's quite an achievement for the Duce food truck to claim to have the best Coney Island - Toledo-style dogs.

Today, there are bees in five locations in the Toledo area serving cabbage rolls, hot dogs, burgers, chips and a variety of other dishes.

The beef fillet with bone marrow and butter was chosen by the TCP readers. From chicken cutlets to beef breast to pork ribs, there is something for everyone. Or you can cut a cut from the meaty, protein-rich dish such as pork chops or chicken tartlets.

An inviting, quiet atmosphere, punctuated by live music, makes Rocky's the perfect place to relax. Add to that the fun atmosphere and friendly waiters, and a visit to the bar is essential. There are plenty of ways to sip craft cocktails, enjoy a menu that ranges from wood-fired cakes to homemade cakes and donuts, and enjoy a good view of the city skyline. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer while sipping on one of the delicious craft beers or cocktails.

The view of the city from the heights is unique, and Howard's is attuned to the sounds of live music and the music of local artists like Dixie Chicks.

Mancy's new company, which was opened in February by his brother John, does not rely on reputation to win. Success is almost guaranteed in Toledo, and keeping to tradition is probably why Mancy's has maintained its reputation as one of the best restaurants in the city for nearly 100 years. From freshly baked cakes to freshly baked breads, it's no wonder that Toledo residents have been visiting this popular diner since 1948.

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